Welcome to Nykredit International Lending

Nykredit offers mortgage loans for properties in France or Spain to Danish citizens. Nykredit is Denmark’s largest domestic lender with a market share of 30,7% of the Ioan market equaling EUR 151,9 bn (March 2017). Within mortgage lending Nykredit is market leader with a market share of approximately 41,2%.

Types of loans

In 2003, Nykredit introduced mortgage loans secured against property in France. Today Nykredit funds mortgage loans for Danish citizens in France and Spain, our primary lending areas being the French and Spanish Mediterranean coasts.

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Nykredit's representative offices

Nykredit's headquarters are in Copenhagen, but we also have offices in Palma and Marbella. You are welcome to pay us a visit and learn more about equity release or the purchase of a permanent residence or holiday home. We cooperate with local advisers, estate agents, attorneys and tax advisers who speak English or a Scandinavian language.

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