Investment opportunities

Are you a resident of France or Sweden? Let Nykredit manage your investments

If you are living in France or Sweden and need professional investment advice, Nykredit International Lending can bring you a wealth of investment opportunities.

Investments through our investment funds

If you are a client of Nykredit International Lending and have a home in France or Sweden, you now have the opportunity of investing in selected investment funds through Multi Manager Invest or Nykredit's own investment fund Nykredit Invest, which was ranked No 1 in 2013.

Nykredit Invest was launched in 2000 and is one of the largest investment funds in Denmark. The object of Nykredit Invest is to pool funds from a great number of private investors and let experienced professionals with market insight manage the investments at competitive prices.

If you invest through an investment fund, you will obtain a number of advantages not available if you invest on your own. Multi Manager Invest or Nykredit Invest will give you a higher risk diversification than if you invest directly in individual securities and ensure that your investments are managed by some of the top asset managers in the world. As the owner of a home abroad, you have the opportunity of investing in selected bond and equity subfunds, and we will provide a highly solid basis for stable returns within a safe investment framework.

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