Our family is moving abroad

If you or your family have been stationed or are moving abroad temporarily, you should be aware of a number of things. We will help you get an overview.

Moving your family to a new country is a major step, but thanks to our homeowner banking programme, Nykredit BoligBank, you can still enjoy some of the benefits of Danish banking.

Nykredit International Lending's advisers and specialists are ready to guide and assist you on your move to a new country. However, Nykredit may not be able to serve as your banking, financing and investment partner in all countries. Contact Nykredit International before leaving Denmark to learn in which countries we offer our services.

It is important that we review your accounts before you move away from Denmark. This way, we can offer you the best possible advice before you leave – and during your stay in your new country of residence.

Do you have the full overview of matters relating to pension when living abroad? Will your loan terms change significantly while you are abroad (eg expiry of your interest-only period)? Do you know if you can invest in and manage your portfolio from abroad? We can help clarify all of these issues before you go abroad.

Nice to know before you move abroad

When moving abroad, in most countries you will no longer be covered by the Danish public health insurance. In some cases, however, you can take your public health insurance with you. Read more here.

Most other countries have user-paid health insurance. Check up on your health insurance options before you move to your country of choice.

Denmark has entered into tax treaties with a long list of countries for the avoidance of double taxation. Depending on your country of choice, you may be fully or partly liable to tax. Nykredit cannot offer you any advice on tax matters in your new country. As a minimum, you should contact the tax authorities both in Denmark and in your new country for a clarification of your tax status.

When living abroad, you cannot benefit from your pension contributions the same way you do in Denmark. If you are not liable to tax in Denmark, your pension contributions will not be tax deductible. To avoid double taxation while living abroad, we recommend that you check whether you pension payouts have been taxed.

Also, as an expatriate, you are entitled to apply for pension returns tax (PAL) exemption. Read more about pension returns tax exemption here. At Nykredit International, we have a team of wealth management specialists ready to guide you through your pension options.

When you move away from Denmark, Nykredit will ask you to submit documentation on you new place of residence. Read more here.