Nykredit International in Copenhagen

Nykredit guides you through the process from start to finish when raising a mortgage loan secured on foreign property

Our international advisers outline your options and help you organise your loan, and manage your assets and investments – ie all the financial preparations before you move to France or Spain.

We also issue loan certificates stating the agreed loan amount. This makes it possible for you to act fast once you find the property of your dreams abroad.

We offer you advice in your new country

Copenhagen staff

Leif Sandholt

Account Manager

Madeleine Lausen

Account Manager

Lasse Juul

Account Manager

Cecilie Lange

Account Manager (maternity leave)

Ana Rodriguez

Account Manager

Line Trebbien

Account Manager (maternity leave)

Monica Vazquez

Assistant Account Manager

Julie Ryg Nielsen

Nykredit International Krystallen Under Krystallen 1 DK-1780 København V Tel: +45 44 55 15 35 Fax: +45 44 55 15 07 frankrig@nykredit.dk spanien@nykredit.dk