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Are you thinking about buying property in France or Spain or would you like to release equity from your French or Spanish property, a Nykredit housing loan may be an attractive financing solution.

We offer

Nykredit loans are offered with terms of up to 30 years. We offer interest-only periods of up to 10 years.

A floating-rate loan:

With a floating-rate loan, your interest rate is reset every quarter. This means that if interest rates change, so do your mortgage repayments.
See our loan examples. 

Interest-only period

The loan is offered with interest-only periods. This means that you pay only interest and administration margin. There are no principal payments on the loan until the interest-only period expires.
See our loan examples. 


Loan amount

You may borrow up to 80% of the property value when buying property in France. In Spain the limit is 70% of the property value, when buying property. However, Nykredit may offer 80%, depending on the size of the customers commitment to Nykredit. When refinancing property or performing an equity release in Spain, the borrowing limit is 60% of the property value. This is due to newly implemented regulations regarding the financing of property i Spain, designed to further protect the consumer.

The minimum loan amount is EUR 100,000. The property value is determined by a local valuer appointed by Nykredit. The valuation costs are deducted from your Nykredit loan proceeds, and the amount depends on the type of property.


Fees are offset against the proceeds of a loan at disbursement or charged on completion of a loan in connection with the first mortgage payment. Here you can read more about the fees, that occur when financing your property in either France or Spain with a floating-rate loan from Nykredit.