What we offer

Learn more about what we have to offer and get an indication of the costs of financing a home abroad.

The costs of financing a home abroad

In the price list below, you can see the costs of raising a Nykredit loan secured by mortgage on property situated abroad. Costs and charges may vary from country to country.

Send your loan application already today

Apply for a loan for a home abroad already today. Download and fill in our application form and send it by ordinary post to our office in Copenhagen. Our address appears from the application form. When we have received your application, one of our advisers will contact you and guide you along the process.

Loan and terms

A floating-rate loan is a good solution when you need to finance your home abroad, as this will offer you the lowest possible mortgage payments. As the loan is based on the low short-term European interest rate, 3-month Euribor, your mortgage payments will be as low as possible. With a floating-rate loan, your mortgage payments will vary – they may rise and fall during the loan term. We offer a loan term of up to 30 years with an optional initial 10-year interest-only period.

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