Danish tax evasion legislation

Cooperation on tax liability

As a result of global cooperation aimed at ensuring correct tax payments, new Danish tax legislation came into force on 1 July 2014.

The implication of this legislation is that Denmark will exchange tax information with the EU, the US and a number of OECD countries. Going forward, all Danish financial businesses, including Nykredit, are required by law to procure information on customers' tax relations with other countries.

Accordingly, we are obliged to procure information on our customers' tax liability in other countries – and so are all other banks in the above countries.

How will this affect you

All our customers are required to complete a declaration concerning their tax relations with other countries. For instance, you will be required to write your name, address and tax identification number (in Denmark your civil registration (CPR) number) in the declaration.

If you refrain from signing the declaration, Nykredit is required to disclose the information about you to the Danish tax authorities. The information will not be unnecessarily disclosed if you sign the declaration.