Documentation requirements when moving abroad

Nykredit is required to account for our customer relationships. This means that we must get to know you better as a customer, when you are moving or are already living abroad.

Stricter requirements apply to proof of identity and documentation when moving abroad. In order to meet current legislation, we must be able to account for our customer relationships. We will therefore ask you to fill in forms and provide information when you are moving out of the country.

Below you will find the different types of proof of identity and documentation that Nykredit requires when you are moving abroad.

Proof of address: Copy of official document showing your residential address abroad

This is required as documentation that the address to which we are sending sensitive personal data by post has been verified by the public authorities.

Approved forms of proof of address

  • Copy of electricity bill
  • Copy of lease agreement/home purchase agreement
  • Copy of transcript from the Danish national register of persons ("folkeregister")/municipality
  • Copy of driver's licence or national ID card showing name and address
  • Copy of the special health insurance card If you reside temporarily in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland (for a maximum period of 1 year), take residence outside Denmark and you are no longer listed in the Danish national register of persons, you are entitled to obtain the special health insurance card.

Picture ID: Colour copy of valid passport, driver's licence or national ID

We ask for a picture ID to be able to assess whether future requests are in fact made by you.


Denmark is part of an international collaboration, and we are required under Danish law to ask you whether you pay taxes in other countries than in Denmark.

Job title

We ask for your current occupation to determine whether you are a PEP (politically exposed person) in accordance with the EU rules on money laundering and anti-corruption.

TIN number

TIN is used to identify taxpayers. In Denmark your CPR number is your TIN. Other countries have special TINs which are only used for tax purposes. TIN is short for Tax Identification Number.

You will find more information on TINs in the tax residency self-certification form.