Credit Sales

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Credit Sales handles all Danish and foreign bond trading at Nykredit Markets.

Nykredit Markets is primary dealer in Danish government bonds and market maker in Danish mortgage covered bonds. Nykredit Markets is also active in other types of covered bonds as well as corporate bonds and interest rate swaps.

Institutional Sales is also responsible for trading in money market products, including deposits, forward rate agreements, T/N interest rate swaps and repo transactions. Moreover, Nykredit Markets provides market making in these products.

Credit Solutions

Credit Solutions advises professional investors on the purchase and sale of credit products.

Our focus is on bonds issued by European companies, including in particular subordinated debt from banks and insurance companies. We cover a broad circle of issuers, with a significant overweight of regional banks and companies.

We collaborate closely with our colleagues from Debt Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Group on capital transactions from new as well as existing issuers.

We strive to draw on our profound expertise when we advise clients about the bond market, the credit quality of individual issuers and the structure of various types of debt instruments.

Credit Solutions also buys and sells investment certificates and equities on behalf of our clients.


Lisbeth Rosendal


Phone: +45 44 55 47 27