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The Nykredit Group is one of Denmark's leading financial services providers with activities ranging from mortgage lending, commercial banking and insurance to pension, investment and estate agency business.

Legal structure

Nykredit Holding is owned by four shareholders, main shareholder is the Nykredit Association. Under Nykredit Holding the Group is run as a two legged entity; Commercial and Mortgage banking, where Nykredit Realkredit A/S is the formal Group entity. The legal structure with separate subsidiaries under the Group (Nykredit Realkredit A/S), e.g. bank and insurance, is due to regulatory requirements. Nykredit Bank is a fully integrated and core subsidiary within the Group, and is therefore enjoying same rating as its parent.


  • As an unlisted company, the Group's main source of capital is retained earnings
  • All core and supplementary capital in the Bank is provided by the Group
  • All excess capital is kept in Nykredit Realkredit and allocated to the Bank when needed

Unique mortgage system

The Danish and German covered bond markets are Europe's oldest. The first Danish mortgage bonds date back more than 215 years to the period after the Copenhagen Fire of 1795, which left a huge finance need for reconstruction. Throughout its long history, the Danish mortgage regime has never caused bondholders any losses as a result of a payment default. This underscores the high degree of security built into the system.

Due to the long Danish tradition of using mortgage loans to finance properties, the Danish covered bond market is one of the largest in Europe.

The system is founded on

  • Strong legal framework
  • Low lending rates based on listed bonds
  • Transparency as regards pricing and repayment terms
  • The balance principle, which secures long-term financial stability
  • Low and transparent risk in the mortgage bank

The stability of the Danish mortgage system ensures that Nykredit can offer homeowners mortgage loans and investors secure bonds during a financial crisis. Nykredit's SDOs have been assigned the top credit rating AAA by Standard & Poor's. Nykredit has been able to sell bonds daily during the financial crisis, which is quite exceptional in a European context.

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