Nykredit Asset Management

Nykredit Asset Management is the asset management arm of the Nykredit group, and our competencies build on a solid foundation dating back to 1983.

Nykredit Asset Management holds EUR 65bn in assets under management. Our GIPS certified performance and unique approach to discretionary mandates, hedge strategies and funds has earned us several international awards.

Since 1994 it has been a strategic focus to develop our significant status in the Danish bond market to perform asset management services to the institutional segment.

We offer

Danish Mortgage Bonds

Nykredit Asset Management’s strategy in Danish mortgage bonds is to exploit the enormously wide range of bonds in the Danish market.

Hedge funds

The basic philosophy behind Nykredit Asset Management’s hedge Fund strategies is to isolate the core value of covered bonds.

Sustainable investments

As a natural continuation of its business concept Financial Sustainability, Nykredit Asset Management has drawn up a sustainable investments policy.


Nykredit Asset Management’s global equity investment philosophy builds on the belief that by having a structured approach to assessing the fundamental value and quality of companies, long term outperformance can be generated.

Investment Grade

Nykredit Asset Management’s investment philosophy of investment grade builds on the belief that a structured approach to assessing the long term market themes and trends driving the credit market can lead to long term consistent outperformance.