Institutions & Research

Institutions & Research serves to Danish and foreign financial institutions as well as economic and financial research publications to investors in Denmark and abroad.

Institutional Clients

  • We bring our specialist skills into play in alignment with individual client needs.
  • We perform risk assessments of all financial counterparties with respect to money laundering and terrorist financing risk on an ongoing basis.
  • We are responsible for the Bank's relationships with financial institutions in Denmark and abroad, comprising:

  1. Danish banks

    • We have close ties with other Danish banks and are committed to continually strengthening our collaboration both as to our mortgage finance partnership and to support our mutual positions in the marketplace.
    • We are following the development in the market closely and offer our partner banks a menu of bespoke solutions.
  2. International clients

    • We seek to forge strong relations with selected international correspondent banks and strategic business partners to secure our infrastructure and to enable Nykredit to perform international financial transactions on behalf of our clients.
    • We support, establish and facilitate contacts across all C&I teams.
    • We provide asset management services to international clients in the area of Danish mortgage covered bonds.
  3. Danish institutional clients

    • Thanks to our position in the mortgage bond market, we have strong ties with most Danish institutional clients.
    • We coordinate Nykredit's commitment to these clients across the Group, providing Banking, Asset Management and NPA a good platform for dialogue with this segment.


Research provides macroeconomic and financial research publications with special focus on complex investment and financing strategies in the Nordic market.

Our aim is to provide relevant market research and to transform our analytical knowledge into concrete trade recommendations and ideas.

This is why our analytical platform provides as few frequent publications as possible. This gives us the capacity to respond quickly to market demand and needs. Our general strategic positions are presented in our Strategic Focus presentation, accompanied by tactical approaches, recommendations and research notes. In addition to the Strategic Focus presentation we publish the research papers Covered Bond Focus and IL Focus.

Our primary target market is institutional investors in Denmark and abroad.

Find the most recent research notes here.

Lisbeth Rosendal photo

Lisbeth Rosendal

Head of Institutions and Institutional Clients