Standby-remburs - eksempel

Nedenfor kan du se et eksempel på, hvordan du kan formulere teksten til en standby-remburs.

Nykredit Bank
Copenhagen, Denmark

To: Beneficiary name

We hereby issue our irrevocable standby letter of credit No 123, by order of applicant (Importer, Copenhagen, Denmark) for an amount of USD 100.000,00.

Date and place of expiry: 31.12.20XX at our counters in Copenhagen.

This standby letter of credit is available with Nykredit Bank, Copenhagen by payment against presentation of the following documents:

+ beneficiary’s signed written statement certifying that applicant has not fulfilled their obligations as to payment of invoice(s) no. XX and B/L no. YY.

+ copy of unpaid invoice(s)

+ copy of on board bill of lading issued to Importer, concerning the abovementioned invoice(s)

Partial drawings are allowed.

All charges outside Denmark under this standby letter of credit are for account of the beneficiary.
Subject to International Standby Practises ISP98 of International Chamber of Commerce.
Upon receipt of credit complying documents we shall cover you as per your instructions.