Eksportremburs - eksempel

Nedenfor kan du se et eksempel på, hvordan du kan formulere teksten til en remburs.

Letter of Credit instructions
Please arrange that a Letter of Credit in our favour is issued as follows:

Type of L/C: Irrevocable

Advising bank: Nykredit Bank A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark,

Available with: Nykredit Bank A/S by payment

Amount Currency/amount: as agreed (fx USD 50.000,00)


Date and place of expiry: xx.xx.xxxx in Denmark (fx. 25.10.20XX in Denmark)
Latest date of shipment: xx.xx.xxxx (fx. 04.10.20XX)
Presentation period: 21 days


Shipment from: Any European Port/Airport
Shipment to: xxx (fx. Busan Port, Korea)
Partial shipment: Allowed


Transshipment: Allowed

Description of goods: xxxx [En generel beskrivelse af varen, fx “Machinery” eller “Textiles”] according to [proforma invoice no. xxxxx eller anden aftale-henvisning]  dated xx.xx.xxxx
Terms of delivery: (As agreed) Incoterms 2010

Documents required: 

Signed commercial Invoice in 2 fold
Packing list in 2 fold
Transport document
Certificate of Origin [Hvis krævet]

Commissions and charges:
All charges outside Denmark are for applicants account.