Eksportremburs - eksempel

Nedenfor kan du se et eksempel på, hvordan du kan formulere teksten til en remburs.

Letter of Credit instructions
Please arrange that a Letter of Credit in our favour is issued as follows:

Type of L/C Irrevocable

Advising bank Nykredit Bank A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark,

Available with Nykredit Bank A/S by payment

Amount Currency/amount as agreed (fx USD 50.000,00)

Date of expiry xx.xx.xxxx in Denmark (fx. 25.10.20XX in Denmark)
Latest date of shipment xx.xx.xxxx (fx. 04.10.20XX)
Presentation period 21 days

Shipment from Any European Port/Airport
Shipment to xxx (fx. Busan Port, Korea)
Partial shipment Allowed

Description of goods Goods according to proforma invoice
Terms of delivery As agreed

Documents required Invoice
Packing list
Transport document
Commissions and charges
All charges outside Denmark are for applicants account.